Acting on Impulse

In the 1920s, Georgette Heyer wrote a number of contemporary short fiction pieces, published in various women's and literary magazines of the era. Now, for the first time ever, these stories are collected in this fully-authorised anthology, with commentary by Heyer's official biographer, Jennifer Kloester, and Reading Heyer's Rachel Hyland.

The stories include:

- “A Proposal to Cicely”
- “The Little Lady”
- "The Bulldog and the Beast”
- “Lincke’s Great Case”
- “Acting on Impulse”
- “The Chinese Shawl”
- "Whose Fault Was It?"
- "The Old Maid"

The collection also includes a bonus Georgian tragedy, “Love", and the search for "On Such a Night", a story long-missing from the Heyer canon.

Given their proper context within Georgette Heyer's burgeoning literary career, in many ways these stories serve as her "Juvenilia," and are not only of great scholarly and popular interest to those who study and enjoy Heyer's magical works, words, and worlds, but amply demonstrate the seeds of genius that have since made her one of the most enduring and admired authors of the 20th-century.

Title: Acting on Impulse
Genre: Short Stories

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