Charity Girl (1970)

Charity Steane has nothing in the world but hope.

Escaping a miserable life under her tyrannical aunt, she decides to take her chances with her estranged grandfather in London. Now it's just a matter of finding him... And as a 'charity girl', with no dowry and no options, hope can only get her so far.

But with the help of the dashing and kind-hearted Desford and his dearest friend Hetta, it seems like Charity's fortunes might be about to change.

That is, until the surprise appearance of a long-lost relative throws things into chaos, and suddenly the three friends find themselves surrounded by blackmail and scandal.

Will their efforts to do right by each other plunge them all into ruin?

Title: Charity Girl (1970)
Published: 1970
Genre: Regency Romances

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