The Grand Sophy Audio Drama

04 June 2024

A sparkling Regency romantic comedy by Georgette Heyer, whose books have sold over 30 million copies, The Grand Sophy is a story of love, intrigue, and high spirits.

Sophy is the 19-year-old daughter of Sir Horace Stanton-Lacy, a widower who numbers princes, prime ministers, and potentates among his acquaintances, and who has taught Sophy to ride, shoot, and defend herself as capably as any man. She also handles his business affairs, and at a time when women were supposed to defer to men, her spirit, determination, and beauty have made her a legend in several European capitals. But she is a stranger to London, and when her father is sent on a diplomatic mission to Brazil, he persuades his sister, Lady Ombersley, to introduce Sophy to London Society.

Listen and download this 6-part audio drama below.

Episode 1: Alarms and Arrivals

A mud-spattered carriage draws up in front of Ombersley House in Berkeley Square, the home of the Rivenhall family. It is spring in the year 1815, when the battle of Waterloo has been safely won, and Sir Horace Stanton-Lacy has persuaded his sister Lady Ombersley to introduce his only child, the 19-year-old Sophy, to London Society. Sophy arrives with a monkey, a parrot, a dog, and a magnificent horse, all of which enchant her young cousins. Less enchanted is their older brother Charles, who has taken charge of the family since his father Lord Ombersley has gambled away most of his money.

Episode 2: Riding and Recklessness

After upsetting Charles by driving off in his carriage while she waits for him to return from a meeting – Sophy nevertheless impresses him with the way she handles his pair of grays.   Less impressed is Charles’s fiancée Eugenia who invites Sophy to ride in Hyde Park intending to instruct her in the way ladies from good families are supposed to behave.

Episode 3: Bluebells and Bluestockings

Eugenia is so upset following Sophy’s outrageous behaviour  - driving her down St James’ in her new high perch Phaeton  - that she retreats to her sister’s house to recover her equilibrium.  Sophy finds herself fending off the boring Lord Bromford, and plans a trip to the country by way of escape.

Episode 4: Music and Mayhem

The day of the Ombersley Ball approaches with the Duke of York promising to make an appearance.  Among the 500 guests Sophy meets the dashing Lord Charlbury and Ceci makes a startling announcement.

Episode 5: Pistols and Plots

Sophy discovers young Hubert Rivenhall is hopelessly in debt to a money-lender, and determines to remedy the situation. She sells a pair of earrings given her by her father, and confronts the money-lender alone.

Episode 6: Losers and Lovers

Sophy’s father Sir Horace returns from Brazil to be told by Charles and Lady Ombersley that Sophy is about to scandalise all of London by apparently eloping with Lord Charlbury.

Audio drama written by Peter Buckman.